Online Courses — Our First Milestone 1000 Students

Quants have come a long way

Quant investing only picked up steam after 2008. When I first joined an asset management firm in 2006, there are hardly any quants around. By and large, most portfolio managers are discretionary investors. They speak the “fiery” language of intuition which connects with people. As a quant, I was a rare species. I speak the “dull” language of math, statistics, evidence … My world is either black or white. I have no sexy stories about what is happening or the future.

Dreams Or Knowledge?

Investing courses are everywhere today. Unlike fund management which is regulated, no one polices investment education. It is common nowadays to see ostentatious ads featuring someone in front of a flashy sports car touting some sure-win magic formula that will make you a multi-millionaire. Why? Because it is easier to sell dreams. Just ask yourself this: Did you pay and study for a degree to land your dream job, or did you really do it for the knowledge?

Our Online Courses

We have today an increasingly tech-savvy generation that is hands-on, craves knowledge, and eager to take charge of their own investments. Rather than paying hefty fees to others to manage their money, they prefer to take control. And with everything turning digital these days, e-learning is undisputedly one of the best and most cost-effective platforms in terms of reach. That is why we went with Udemy to launch our courses. We currently have 5 courses under our belt — a foundation course and 4 investment strategy courses. Visit our Online Courses section to find out more.



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